Case Studies

Below are some case studies for your evaluation of my professional skills:

Case Study (Python, Tableau): stimare le tariffe dei taxi in anticipo rispetto alla corsa

Case Study (Python, Tableau): estimating taxi fares in advance of the ride

Data Science is a complex discipline, full of challenges and opportunities. But what if you could learn advanced concepts such as exploratory data analysis (EDA), statistical testing, multiple regression, and machine learning models? Thanks to my new case study, which is accessible in my website’s “Academy” section, this is now possible.

Tableau Python
Case Study (SQL, Python): Analysis of Olympic Games Data

Case Study (SQL, Python): Data analysis of the Olympic Games

In the world of Data Science, SQL is critical for data extraction, manipulation, and analysis. In this article, I will present a case study in which I used SQL to analyze a historical dataset from the Olympic Games.

Python SQL

Optimizing can production: a case study of Data Analysis in Excel

In business, optimization of production processes is critical to reducing costs and improving efficiency. This case study will examine how a beverage company can optimize can production using several Excel functions. We will discover how Data Analysis skills can help solve complex problems and make meaningful improvements in the real world.


Case Study (R): bike-sharing service data analysis

How does a bike-sharing service design a marketing strategy to convert occasional cyclists into annual subscribers?


Case Study (Tableau): COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Case Study presented in this article concerns the analysis of COVID-19 pandemic data. Using Tableau, I created a series of interactive dashboards showing the evolution of the pandemic month by month, allowing users to explore the data in detail and better understand the impact of the virus on the population.



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